About Us

“Cafe Choco-De-Licious”(CCDL) was founded by some young entrepreneurs. Pioneering the food industry, CCDL introduces the golden business opportunity.

“Cafe Choco-De-Licious”(CCDL) popularised “Thick Chocolate Drinks” in QSR industry, diversifying the market by challenging the established dominance of the other Giants without compromising on nutritional values. We studies every aspects of Nutrition & Health. All the recipes we serving at “Cafe Choco-De-Licious”(CCDL) have the best Nutritional values with proper Calorie control.

With serving large variety of quality products, “Cafe Choco-De-Licious”(CCDL) is committed towards the Social Initiatives like Women Empowerment & Employment Guarantee for needy people through our restaurants. “Cafe Choco-De-Licious”(CCDL) is the first QSR Company which serves Thick Chocolate Drinks, Pizzas, Burgers, Sandwiches, etc. to set the perfect dining experience.

Now, having withstood multinational & local competition over a year, “Cafe Choco-De-Licious”(CCDL) is looking to expand operations all over the India. A dream we hope to convert into reality with the help of our Franchisee Partners.